Music Festivals in Seattle

Music Festivals in Seattle: Your Ultimate Guide

Music Festivals in Seattle

Seattle, known for its thriving music scene, hosts a variety of music festivals throughout the year. These festivals showcase the city’s diverse musical talent and attract music lovers from near and far. Whether you enjoy rock, hip hop, or folk music, there is a festival in Seattle for everyone to enjoy.

Capitol Hill Block Party

One of the most popular music festivals in Seattle is the Capitol Hill Block Party. This event takes place in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and features a mix of local and national artists across various genres. Attendees can enjoy live performances, food vendors, and art installations.


Bumbershoot is another well-known festival in Seattle. Held at the Seattle Center, this annual event attracts thousands of visitors with its lineup of music, comedy, and arts performances. From indie bands to renowned comedians, Bumbershoot offers a diverse range of entertainment.

Music Festivals in Seattle: Your Ultimate Guide


Upstream Music Fest + Summit

The Upstream Music Fest + Summit is a unique festival that combines live performances with professional development opportunities for musicians. Held in various venues across Seattle, this festival allows emerging artists to showcase their talent and gives attendees the chance to discover new music.

Seattle International Film Festival

While not solely focused on music, the Seattle International Film Festival includes a selection of music-related films and documentaries. Music enthusiasts can enjoy screenings that explore the history, impact, and cultural significance of music in various genres.

Music Festivals in Seattle: Your Ultimate Guide


Northwest Folklife Festival

The Northwest Folklife Festival celebrates the diverse traditions and cultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest. This family-friendly event features live music performances, dance workshops, art exhibits, and food vendors. With its focus on folk and traditional music, this festival offers a unique and enriching experience.

Timber! Outdoor Music Festival

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, the Timber! Outdoor Music Festival is the perfect blend of music and nature. Held at Tolt-McDonald Park in Carnation, just outside of Seattle, this festival offers camping, hiking, and live performances from local and national artists.

Seattle Summer Music Festivals

During the summer months, Seattle comes alive with a variety of music festivals. From Bite of Seattle, where attendees can sample delicious food while enjoying live music, to Seafair, which hosts a series of concerts and events throughout the city, there are plenty of options for music lovers to choose from.


Every February, the Wintergrass festival brings the sounds of bluegrass and acoustic music to Bellevue. With performances taking place in multiple venues, this festival is a must-attend for fans of these genres.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Music Festivals In Seattle: Your Ultimate Guide

Does Seattle Have Music Festivals?

Seattle is home to a variety of music festivals that cater to music lovers throughout the year. Whether you enjoy outdoor concerts or indoor showcases, Seattle offers a vibrant festival scene that celebrates the arts and culture of the city.

Some popular festivals include Capitol Hill Block Party, Bumbershoot, and Upstream Music Fest + Summit.

Where Is The Day In Day Out Festival In Seattle?

The Day in Day Out Festival in Seattle is held at the Fisher Green Pavilion at Seattle Center.

What Time Does Bumbershoot Start?

Bumbershoot starts at different times each year. Please check the official website or event schedule for the specific start time of Bumbershoot festival.

Where Is The Big Sound Festival?

The Big Sound festival takes place in Brisbane, Australia every September. It is the southern hemisphere’s largest music industry gathering.


Seattle is a city that truly embraces the arts, and its music festivals are a testament to that. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, attending one of these festivals is a great way to embrace the vibrant music scene and immerse yourself in the culture of this unique city.

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