Outlandia Music Festival

Outlandia Music Festival: Unleash Your Inner Music Junkie

Outlandia <a href="https://bestbdinfo.com/tree-fort-music-festival-2024/">Music Festival</a>
Event Date Location Lineup
August 15-17, 2022 Outlandia Park, Riverfront
  • Headliners: Coldplay, Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar
  • Supporting Acts: Halsey, Ed Sheeran, Lizzo, The Chainsmokers
  • Local Artists: Oh Wonder, Glass Animals, Tones and I

Welcome to the Outlandia Music Festival, the ultimate destination for music lovers around the world! With an incredible lineup of international and local artists, this three-day extravaganza promises an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Outlandia Music Festival: Unleash Your Inner Music Junkie

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Event Details

The Outlandia Music Festival will take place from August 15th to 17th, 2022 at the beautiful Outlandia Park, located on the scenic riverfront. The festival grounds span over acres and offer stunning views and ample space for music enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite artists.

Outlandia Music Festival: Unleash Your Inner Music Junkie

Credit: issuu.com


This year’s lineup features an impressive roster of headliners, supporting acts, and local talent. With a diverse range of genres, there’s something for everyone at the Outlandia Music Festival.

Here are just a few highlights from the lineup:


This year, we are thrilled to welcome Coldplay, Billie Eilish, and Kendrick Lamar as our headliners. These global superstars will grace the main stage and deliver incredible performances that will leave you wanting more.

Supporting Acts

In addition to the headliners, we have a fantastic lineup of supporting acts. Halsey, Ed Sheeran, Lizzo, and The Chainsmokers are just a few of the talented artists who will be performing throughout the festival. Get ready to dance and sing along to their infectious tunes!

Local Artists

The Outlandia Music Festival also aims to showcase local talent and provide a platform for emerging artists. This year, we are proud to feature Oh Wonder, Glass Animals, and Tones and I, among many others. These rising stars will undoubtedly impress you with their unique sounds and captivating performances.

Additional Festival Highlights

Aside from the incredible music, the Outlandia Music Festival offers a variety of other attractions to enhance your experience. Here are some additional highlights:

Food And Beverage

We understand that dancing and singing can work up an appetite. That’s why we have curated a diverse selection of food and beverage vendors to ensure you never go hungry or thirsty. From gourmet food trucks to specialty bars, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

Art Installations

The Outlandia Music Festival isn’t just about the music – it’s an immersive art experience as well. Throughout the festival grounds, you’ll find stunning art installations created by local artists. Take a stroll and let your senses be captivated by the creativity on display.

Interactive Activities

Looking for a break from the music? Engage in a variety of interactive activities available at the festival. From silent discos to photo booths, there’s no shortage of entertainment options to keep you engaged and entertained.


Tickets for the Outlandia Music Festival are available for purchase now. We offer different ticket options, including single-day passes and three-day passes. Visit our website to secure your spot and be part of this incredible celebration of music.

Join us at the Outlandia Music Festival for an unforgettable experience filled with incredible music, delicious food, and endless fun. We can’t wait to see you there!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Outlandia Music Festival: Unleash Your Inner Music Junkie

What Is Outlandia Music Festival?

Outlandia Music Festival is an annual event that showcases a diverse range of musical talent from around the world.

How Can I Get Tickets For Outlandia Music Festival?

Tickets for Outlandia Music Festival can be purchased online through the official festival website or through authorized ticket vendors.

What Types Of Music Genres Are Featured At Outlandia Music Festival?

Outlandia Music Festival features a wide variety of music genres including rock, pop, hip-hop, electronic, and alternative, catering to diverse musical tastes.

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